The Enchanted Wood: People
The Enchanted Wood are driven by Michel Le Faou, who sings and plays different instruments. He's the lowest common denominator to the following possible configurations of The Enchanted Wood:

Julien Chevalier is usually on guitar and Orla-guitar, and Paul Loiseau on a neo-folk/post-industrial drums.
Both are members of band La Terre Tremble!!!.

This configuration is made of members of band Fat Supper:
Leo88Man plays piano, Dudy Ruby holds a bass and Pierre Marolleau sits behind a drum-kit.

Sometimes, elements of A and B may blend, or A+B will perform as a deluxe configuration (6 musicians and more).

Any of these configurations may also be joined by other musicians. These people have sometimes been seen in The Enchanted Wood:
Astrid Radigue (glockenspiel, backing vocals), Pascal Moreau (guitar), David Cadoret (double bass), Jean-Michel Blécon (drums), Nikki Renard (trumpet), Tim Bewlay (piano), Soaz Le Lay (cello).

Choirs have been known to be performed by the Ugly Children Choir.