"The Enchanted Wood's debut album is a must-have if you are into experimental folk and Twin Peaks-moods. It’s original, it’s poetic and arty without ever tending to be pretentious at all. It’s simply a very well crafted album and I do wish to hear more from The Enchanted Wood."
(Evening of Light)

Listen to the Death in June-esque "Little Girl in White Lace". Listen to the slow swingy "Sleeping Beauty" and be spellbound by Michel's soft voice in "In Your Street". It's simply fabulous. The last two tracks also have some of the most interesting harmonium use I've heard in a very long time.
And to top all this, we also get very well-written lyrics and a wonderful package design, that really goes along with the tunes and the nightmarish mood.
(The Shadows Commence)

Unheimliches aus Frankreich: Ein Sad-go-round in Gruselhäusern mit schleppenden Vorhängen und mysteriösen Schritten im Obergeschoss. Geisterhaft mit einem gewissen Filmfeeling."